Bankruptcy and Restructuring
Administrative Litigation 
Ramírez Ornelas Abogados is broadly known for the successful resolution of the very diverse matters it has participated in. The firm consistently obtains favorable trials and settlements for its clients.
This success rate is the main reason why clients seek Ramírez Ornelas Abogados when they find themselves upon very delicate or complicated civil and commercial disputes.
For approximately 20 years, the firm has consistently represented the interest of the major banking institutions in Mexico. In addition to this, an area of recent growth has been commercial litigation matters relating to infrastructure and civil construction in Mexico.
Another key type of work is corporate disputes between stockholders. Ramírez Ornelas Abogados holds a great deal of expertise on this aspect of commercial litigation and has represented stockholders from a broad spectrum of enterprises from various industries.
In sum, the firm's success rate and favorable results, both in trials and settlements, are the reasons why we stand out from our competitors.
Administrative Litigation
Ramírez Ornelas Abogados has extensive professional experience in the area of administrative litigation, which is in charge of defending and representing our clients before the presence of an Act of Authority issued by the different Governmental Authorities, including the preparation and filing of amparo proceedings, nullity claims, administrative appeals and other resources, instances or writings necessary for the attention and follow up of trials and proceedings before the Federal Judiciary, Federal and Local Administrative Courts or Administrative Authorities.
Our practice is well known for its ability to achieve great results for our clients, representing both creditors and insolvent companies. Over the years, Ramírez Ornelas Abogados has built a strong insolvency practice due to its vast experience representing clients since the early 1980s in insolvency proceedings. Our firm’s experience is so well regarded that our founding partner, Gerardo Ramírez Ornelas, was part of the team that drafted the Ley de Concursos Mercantiles, the bill which currently regulates bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings in Mexico.  Using this experience, our team at Ramírez Ornelas Abogados is perfectly capable of successfully representing any type of client.
The firm has actively participated in the representation of its clients in several complex arbitration proceedings, mainly in the areas of telecommunications, insurance and infrastructure. With extensive experience in the field, Ramírez Ornelas Abogados has played a very satisfactory role in the defense of the particular interests of our clients in arbitration disputes, specializing also in providing adequate advice and carrying out the creation, implementation and proper execution of legal strategies concerning arbitration matters.
Strategic Sectors
During its many years of practice, the firm has represented interests of multiple business sectors in different matters, which include:
Banking & Financial
Real Estate
Infrastructure and Construction
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